Need someone to critique a manuscript?

“The Densonary 4 Writers" newsletter (formerly "The Write Stuff”) will list (for free) the names, contact information, and services offered by those who critique manuscripts, edit, lay out manuscripts, and possibly ghost-write. Interested persons should contact the writing professional about his or her fees, procedures for relaying manuscripts (mail or e-mail), and the like.

Robert Blade Writing & Editing puts an experienced professional at your service. Blade, who is based in Jacksonville, is the author of Tupelo Man, published by the University Press of Mississippi. He is also a former Times-Union columnist and a college teacher who knows all sides of the writing, editing, and publishing process. For a free consultation, write to him at



JJ Grindstaff (Jacksonville) is a writer and editor. She is a graduate of the University of North Florida, holding a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Creative Writing. She has been writing and editing from a young age and wishes to aid those with a passion for creativity in bettering their work. Her professional career includes tutoring undergraduates and graduates of all majors and skills at the college level for four years and editing at the corporate level for a year-and-a-half. She offers her tutoring and critiquing services for academic and creative purposes. If you want a consultation on your work or manuscript, she can be reached at   


 Brad Hall of North Carolina offers editing and proofreading services. He is excellent with editing books in digital formats such as those used by the Kindle and Nook and helping authors to put them on sale on their respective online shops. He can also prepare books for print-on-demand sellers such as Createspace. Contact him at


 Lynn Skapyak Harlin, editor, writer and poet has been guiding writers since 1990. Her Shantyboat Writers Workshop held on the Trout River helped hundreds of writers learn and use craft techniques that enrich their writing and lead to publication. A hurricane decided to end the shantyboat's existence, so the groups now meet at her home. She became Senior Editor of Closet Books in 2002 and edited JU Professor Emeritus, Sharon Scholl’s two poetry collections, (Unauthorized Biographies (2002) and All Points Bulletin, 2004) and many other poets’ work. First Coast News anchor Donna Deegan worked with Lynn on both her books (The Good Fight, 2004 and Through Rose Colored Glasses, 2009) which Lynn edited and were published by Closet Books. She has edited numerous award winning authors’ work, notable are first place winner of 2009 Florida Historical Society’s best historical fiction award, Erwin Wunderlich; Rick Maloy whose short stories have won (2007) and placed (2008) in the Florida First Coast Writers’ short fiction contests; and noted artist and writer, Oscar Senn whose novel placed third (2003) and short story won (2002) and placed (2006) in the Florida First Coast Writers’ short fiction contests.

For more information about the workshop or editing services contact Lynn at or call 904-778-8000. 


Richard Levine of Jacksonville is an award-winning writer who provides services for those who want to self-publish, including editing, ghost writing, layout, cover design, web sites and of course, publishing. He also produces videos, and can make book trailers, and can assist with script development. References available. Visit or email



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